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Healthy vineyards are full of life and this energy translates into my wines.

I believe this creates a harmonious drinking experience, full of vibrancy.


I focus on wines that are good for both the consumer and the environment. All of my wines are low in Sulphur and are made with minimal interference in the cellar. I am passionate about the wellness aspect of wine. Enjoy good wine conscientiously and you can enjoy more of it! 


I’ve explored with Sauvignon Blanc and Verdehlo, with great results within the realm of Alternative wine. My next adventure will focus on Methode Ancestrale, bubbles and Syrah!


I spend most of my time consulting as a regenerative viticulturist to several vineyards in the Overberg. This means that I farm with nature as much as possible. By building a healthy and diverse ecosystem, we boost the natural immunity of the vine and we can reduce the need for synthetic intervention (chemicals).


Visit my blog to find out more about my journey!

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