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Journey to the Centre
of the Universe

Blanc Fumé 2021

This wine is a blend of three parcels of Sauvignon blanc within the Walker Bay that each elicited that same incredible feeling that speaks to one's soul, stating its potential. The three wards are Sondagskloof, Stanford Foothills and Klein River Lagoon. Two of the parcels are whole bunch pressed while the third is crushed and left on the skins for 6 hours before pressing. Fermentation occurred naturally in 500L old French oak barrels and remained on the gross lees for 10 months before bottling.


This wine is the story of how I came to find my place in Walker Bay. After seven years of challenging exploration, working and immersing myself in many great wine regions around the world, I came home. I discovered the incredible cool-climate vineyards of the Cape South Coast. The wildness of this place, from its abundance of fynbos to the roaring wind and sea, creates a desolate landscape that is difficult to cultivate and requires a close relationship with nature in order to thrive.

The nose shows subtle notes of lime, white peach and blackcurrant while the palate is lean yet flavourful – great clarity of fruit, a good line of acidity and a finish which is long and dry. A particularly elegant, well-balanced offering. - Tim Atkin 93/100


Certified Low Sulphur wine

Journey 20 Transparant Background.png

Touch Me

Verdelho 2022

This was a classic vintage for Verdelho. The grapes ripened with plenty of acidity and this gave me room to allow the fermentation to occur on skins for 5 days before pressing. This short maceration created the perfect balance of colour and phenolic extraction that has left a concentrated and full bodied wine with great purity.


The rather evocative name and naughty label for this seductively soft and delicious wine is not chosen just for thrills.

I want the drinker to experience this wine through multiple senses. We focus on smell and taste while this wine has an incredible textural component which should not be overlooked. I want you to “Touch” this wine, note the gentle phenolic grip that lends presence while a waxy layer coats your tongue and lingers almost indefinitely. Tim Atkin, 92pts


Certified Low Sulphur wine

Transparant Background_2019.png

Free the Bubble

Methode Ancestrale

We bottled the Magic, it is up to you to set it free!


Free the Bubble is a Revolution in how we experience and enjoy bubbly. An engaging and invigorating bouquet of succulent fruit rounded with classic brioche and nuts. We put the vibe in your hands. Free the Bubble is to be enjoyed any time of day and especially when you're thirsty! Guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. Free the Bubble has ZERO added sulphur, only 11% alcohol and next to no sugar. This means you are invigorated from your very first to your very last sip.

Methode Ancestrale, more commonly known as Pét Nat is the Ancient Method of making sparkling wine: The process involves a single fermentation, as opposed to the Champagne Method in which more sugar and yeast are added at bottling. This requires us to be incredibly vigilant (and loving) during the fermentation and bottle at just the right time.


A blend of 50% Chardonnay, 50% Pinotage make this a truly unique South African expression. The wine spends six months on the lees before release. We are excited to get these bubbles into your hands! Order now while stocks last. Tim Atkin 90pts

Free the Bubble.png


Cool climate Syrah 2022

An expression of cool climate Syrah from the Walker Walker Bay region of South Africa. This follows the same philosophy as our Journey to the Centre of the Universe Blanc Fume in that it is a blend of three exceptional vineyards each planted to different soils and with their own climatic influences. 

25% whole bunch and wild fermented, this wine deserved extended maceration which has led to wonderfully soft and luscious tannins, deep and dark fruit flavours along with a characteristic fynbos backdrop. Matured in older 225L French oak barrels and will

 left to mature for 11 months before bottling. 


This wine is made without any added sulphur. 

Hinterlands Syrah 2022.png
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